Angled Spatula
Angled Spatula
Dsc-Angled Spatula Birdseye Maple
Angled Spatula Birdseye Maple
Bruce & Sharon Meyer

Angled Spatula Maple

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Bruce and Sharon Meyer's treenware is created with common powered shop tools. Pleasing to the eye and to the touch, each is also fully functional. The utensils are individually made, and shaped primarily with a band saw and a pneumatic drum sander. Utensils measure 2.5x13.5".

Their work is made from durable, close-grained hardwoods, maple and cherry. The process is completed with a "salad bowl finish" and beeswax, so that each piece is totally food safe. Utensils feature a thin, clean edge to function well during use. Handles are formed to fit comfortably in the hand. "The shapes have been perfected after many trial runs in our own kitchen!"

Made in America in Yellville, Arkansas.