Blue & Gold Flower Hat
Diane Tessman

Blue & Gold Flower Hat

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This stunning hat in blues and tans has been created from recycled fibers, fabrics and findings. After the hat is woven and formed, it is embellished with the flower arrangement. Diane's flowers are created from recycled fabrics as well, and you can find them on many of her products such as fascinators, ear warmers, and sold alone as pins or brooches. This hat is a size medium, the inside measures 7 inches in diameter.

Diane makes full use of what she has around her at any given point in time. All of her fabrics and fibers have been recycled. She will give new life to coat collars, silk from an old scarf, and even wool from used gloves and socks! Your purchase will come with a card about the artist and gift-wrapping options are available upon request.

Handmade in America, in St. Louis, Missouri.