Cedar Waxwing 4X4 Theorem Painting
Carole Behrer

Cedar Waxwing 4X4 Theorem Painting

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Theorem painting, the art of stenciling on velvet. The art of painting designs on velvet using stencils was popular with young ladies (and gentlemen) especially in the New England states from about 1790 to 1850. Originally, theorem painting was Chinese in origin and consisted of precisely executed stencil pictures on white rice paper. Velvet was a favorite background but examples have also been found on paper, linen and muslin. After 1850 the art declined because Victorian floral prints were readily available.

This particular bird theorem painting measures 7x7 inches and is ready to hang on the wall. Each painting contains information on the back of the picture and your purchase will include a card about the artist. Gift wrapping is available upon request.

Handmade in the USA, in Hermann, Missouri.