Live In The Sunshine

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Encaustic behind seashells, this piece brings to mind summer at the beach. If you missed your trip last year, maybe this will solidify your intent to be there as soon as it's warm again. The colors are right and if you put your mind to it, you can hear the waves.

The background was assembled and bound through the ancient art of encaustic (heated wax, set by further heating) to create the background for the three dimensional accessories.

Care of encaustic art (from the Encaustic Art Institute website): "There should be no fear of the work melting in normal household conditions. The wax and resin will not melt unless exposed to temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving a painting in a car on a hot day would not be advisable or hanging a painting in front of a window with direct desert-like sun. They are also sensitive to freezing cold temperatures.

Some encaustic colors tend to "bloom" or become cloudy over time. If your painting appears indistinct, simply rub the surface with a soft cloth or nylon stocking. Over time the surface retains its gloss as the wax medium continues to cure and harden for up to 1-3 years."

Made in America, in Kirkwood, Missouri.