Purple & Pinks Arashi Pleated Silk Scarf

Purple & Pinks Arashi Pleated Silk Scarf

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This elegant scarf is made from Arashi Shibori Silk. Beautiful, vibrant colors, combined with pleating, these handmade, hand-dyed scarves are sure to please! Dynamic depth is achieved, with a weight that is easy to hold in place around the neck. These scarves can be tied in multiple ways. Measures 64x10 inches.

Sharon's pleated scarves are best stored in a plastic baggie with a bit of air in it, so that it does not get smashed. Roll it up gently rather than folding across the pleats. You can dry clean it, but ensure the cleaner knows not to iron the scarf. Make one yours today!

Handmade in America, in Ashland, Missouri.