White & Tan Porcelain & SS Earrings 2.5
Mary Benjamin-A

White & Tan Porcelain & SS Earrings 2.5

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Mary creates an array of fun, whimsy products. From collage birds and flowers for the wall, to porcelain vases and mugs, to greeting cards and even bookmarks, Mary just keeps creating! Her jewelry has been one of her most popular items, collected by many, local and from a far. These earrings measure 2.5 inches long.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, made from a loaf of porcelain that has been formed and cut to make the beads. By coloring the moist porcelain and then layering the colors, the wonderful patterns and contrasts are shown within each bead. Her earrings are then assembled and hung on sterling silver ear wires.

Beads can be cleaned with a moist cloth, and sterling ear wires may be polished with a jewelry polishing cloth. Each piece will come with care information and a card about the artist, Mary. Gift wrapping options available upon request.

Handmade in America, in Columbia, Missouri.