2.75x2.5" Maple Mini Clock
Mark & John Schlabaugh

2.75x2.5" Maple Mini Clock

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These unique clocks are a best-selling, go-to gift. They're finely crafted, durable and beautiful enough to earn a space on anyone's desktop. They are an excellent size for small shelves, and tiny spaces, where both function and appearance matter most. Gift wrapping options available. Measures 2.5x2.75x1.5".

Each type of clock is made with similar wood, but may not have the same grain patterns or clock face. They run on a single watch battery (included), and contain an easily removable face that pops off the front to set the time. Your clock will come with setting directions and information about the artists, Mark and John Schlabaugh.

Handmade in America, in Kalona, Iowa.