Marianne Baer
Segmented Maple Jar 5x4 Inches
Terri Balden
Sally Cat Ornament
Large Metal Camera 7X7 Inches
Wren 4X4 Theorem Painting
Porcelain Coffee Mug (F)
Patricia Bergman
11x14 Inch Resin Wall Art
Asymmetric Shawl Pinks & Blues
Love Posey Vase 3.5"
Canteen Stem Gourd Sculpture 6X6"
Bird's Eye & Oak Box
Green/Brown Blown Glass Lamp
Clip Board Legal (9X15) Checkered
Colorful Art Glass Dome Lamp
Hand w/ House
Pendant, Gems in Bloom
Hoop & Latch Sterling Necklace
Black Glass & Sterling Ring Size 8.25
Christiane Danna
Black & Pearl Earrings
$40 Sea Urchin Ornament
10x10 Tree Inch Fabric Wall Art
12x12 Inch Handwoven Free-form Basket
Wooden Train Set, Mid-Size
Clay Face Wall Pocket 4x4 Inches
Large Orbanizer
Teapot With Two Cups Porcelain
Fish Hook Tumbler
Hatch Plate 8X8"
Garden Kitty Wall Art 11x11�
Solid Coaster Set Green Blue
Sandhill Crane Wall, Small
Heart Mosaic Wall Art 7"
Vintage Theme Towels
Blue Glass Lamp
Red & Purple Transparent Arrowhead
Claire Hasemeier
Hickory & B.E. Maple #4 Shaker Box
Slippery Elm & Walnut Bark Basket
Pink Iris 10CM
Ernest Hilderbrand
Bronze & Silver Pendant For Necklace
Becky Hyberger
Dogwood Ornament
Black & Gold Enamel Earrings Drops
Missouri Katy Trail Playing Cards
Dave Johnson
Slimline Pen Movingue
3-D Glass Hummingbird
Yukari Kashihara
Holiday Sheep 2.5" Assorted Styles
"Largemouth Bass" Single Twist Pen
Cherry Burl w/ Malachite Vase 7X7X6"
60 Inch Arashi Shibori Plum Scarf
5X9 Inch Maple Keepsake Box
Blue Dichroic Glass Plate
Squares & Circles Earrings 1x.75 Inches
Navy Blue Necklace
Aim High Wall Art 8x10 Inches
Amy Koch
9" Teleidoscope Laminated Padauk Marq.
Baby Rattle Walnut
Pink Letter Opener
Sandy Litecky
Aquarium Fish Bowl Wall Sculpture
8.5x.5" 20CM 8G Sterling Bracelet
Red & White Pasta Bowl 9x2.5 Inches
Key To Your Heart Metal Sculpture Art
Purple Glass Tulip
18" Sycamore Salad Bowl
1 Inch Sterling Geometric Earrings
Red Bone Fish Sculpture 12X16"
Cherry Infant's Rattle
Randy Mayes
Angled Spatula
Wavy Stripe Glass Bowl
Walnut & Maple Box 4X7"
Alpaca & Silk Scarf
Handmade Black Locust Jewelry Box
10 Inch Blue Bird & Branch Sculpture
Blue Striped Clock Box
Kathlyn Miller
Ginkgo Coaster Set
Cotton Towel Multi Stripe On Natural
Shirley Eley Nachtrieb
Fish & Ginkgo Leaf Lamp
SM Cherry French Cutting Board
Jill Noone
Bass Barlow Knife
6PT Snowflake Ornament, Ornate
Chase Parrish
Ceramic Rabbit Sculpture - Silver Skirt
Poppy Tall Lamp
Sean Ponder
Elm Earrings w/ Pearl
Thin Walled Spalted Elm Bowl 8 Inches
Gold Tall Glass
Green Ceramic Lidded Jar
Painted Sewing Box
Friends 12"
Gold-Filled Tumbleweed Style Earrings
Oak Leaf Sterling Silver Earrings
Grouse Feather Earrings
Acoustic Guitar Pin
DISC.Maple Shelf Clock w/ Floral Tile
Green & Copper 7" Enamel Plate
Green&Yellow Little Bowl
Handmade Plant & Kozo Paper Bowl 5"
Maple & Turquoise Heart Sculpture
Cherry & Maple Box 2.5x2.5 Inches
Blue Glass Pitcher with Lime Handle
Purple Face Cup 4x5 Inches
Amber Pendant
2 Inch Green & Yellow Earrings
Kathy Taylor
Michael Terra
Green Recycled Hat Large
Cast Leaf Necklace Pendant
Fiber Hummingbird Sculpture
3 Inch Eagle Clay Flute
Scarf 8X54 Sunflowers
Turquoise & Black Felted Hat
"Fiesta" Multi-Colored Bracelet
Damask Table Runner
Russia Old Grandfather Carved Sculpture
Teal Year Sketchbook Journal
Teal Oval Clay Tray Medium
6x6.5? Pink Clay Dish