Marianne Baer
Segmented Maple Box 5x4 Inches
Larger Longer Oval Turq & Gold Bees
"Bob the Dog"
Dog Ornaments
5" X 5" Heart
Beehive Handmade
Mary Benjamin
Patricia Bergman
10" X 10" Colorful Resin Cubes Style 1
Cocoon Multi-colored Pastel
Rise Bowl 5X8"
Canteen Stem Gourd Sculpture 6X6"
Cherry Jewelry Box w/Tiger Engraving
Angel Brame
Green/Brown Blown Glass Lamp
Round 12" Cutting Board
Multi-color Globe Lamp
Wall Piece Nest w/ Mother Bird & Eggs
Pendant, Color Block in Silver
Hoop & Latch Sterling Necklace
Blue Bubbles Glass & Sterling Necklace
ER Silver Pod
Deretha Darrow
Teacher's Pen
Spring Pasture 12x10 Inch Wall Art
14x18 Inch Handwoven Free-form Basket
Whistling Train Toy
Med. Blue Squares Mug w/ Cream Interior
Poppy Necklaces
Christina Elsen
Small Poppy Bowl
Garlic Grater
Virginia Fisher
Jill Flinn
5X7 Red Glass Picture Frame
10x8 Red Bird & Dots Wall Sculpture
Heart Mosaic Wall Art 7"
Tree Themed Towels
Divided Glass Appetizer Tray
Glass Enya Purple/Teal
Claire Hasemeier
Hickory & Spalted Boxelder #3 Box
Gourd Basket Elm & Cedar
Blue Neuron Ornament 7CM
Ernest Hilderbrand
Argentium Silver Handcrafted Earrings 3"
Becky Hyberger
Dogwood Ornament
Hand Cast Pewter Necklace
Explore Missouri Playing Cards
Dave Johnson
Slimline Pen Padauk
Stained Glass Dragonfly
Yukari Kashihara
Snow Folk Baby's First Christmas
Jerry Kent
Kim Kenney
Black & Gold Velvet Top
Kidney Box-maple&Mahagony
Fused Glass Hummingbird Wreath 12"
Pink & Grey Enameled Earrings 1 Inch
Skeleton Keys Box
Amy Koch
4.5" Teleidoscope Padauk and Ebony
10x6.5 Inch Ash Serving Bowl
Yellow Letter Opener
Laura Lebeda
Sandy Litecky
Golf Club Bird
8.5x.5" 20CM 8G Sterling Bracelet
Ceramic Gravy Boat Or Bowl
Paint Palette and Brush Wall Sculpture
Daisy Opaque Red Glass Flower
Heavy Pecan Salad Bowl 18 Inches
Sunset Topaz Pendant
Red Downturned Bonefish
Wooden Coffee Scoop Assorted Styles
Randy Mayes
Large Wooden Spatula
Teal Green Glass Bowl
Walnut and Maple Box 9x5.25
Gray Rug 26X39
Happy Day Laucher
Larry Mehmert
Medium Poppy
Walnut Jewelry Box w/ NK Hangers
Kathlyn Miller
Muted Tone Plate 8"
Set of 2 Placemats Black & Gold
Shirley Eley Nachtrieb
Nestled Pines Woodworking
Green 2 Origami Crane Mobile 'Peace'
SM Wooden French Cutting Board
Jill Noone
2-Blade Turkey Peanut Knife
Wooden Missouri Shaped Ornament
Barabara Overby
Ceramic Figure Sculpture - Black Bird
All You Need Is Love and a Cat Lamp
Harry Pendergraft
Single Large Aqua Crystal Bowl
Elm Earrings w/ Pearl
Elm Burl Wide Rim
Kelly Melegrito-Pridgeon
Blue Small Glass
Green Ceramic Lidded Jar
9X12 Journal w/ 5X5 Abstract Block
Big Heart Girl 18"
Sterling Silver & Pearl Spiral Earrings
Maple Or Ivy Leaf Silver Earrings
Wigeon Pin
Laura Bananabeth Russell
Classical Guitar Pin
DISC.Maple Shelf Clock w/ Floral Tile
Blue/White 7" Enameled Bowl
Green Chihuly Bowl
"Shifting Horizons" 8" X 8" Cottonwood
NK Recon. Turq. SS
Carved Santa Face
Tigerwood/Maple-Onyx/Amber Stand Heart
Walnut, Maple, Black Onyx Box 4X2 Inches
T-cup Pimpernelly
Blue Glass Pitcher with Lime Handle
Amber Pendant
Theresia St Vrain
Kathy Taylor
Michael Terra
Maroon/Brown Fascenator
Connie Thatcher
Fiber Hummingbird Sculpture
Bear Singer Flute
Red & Orange Leaf Dyed Tunic
ER Fushia Flower, White Gold Plated
Evergreen Crumpled Cap
Blue Stone & Sterling Earrings
Set of 2 Woven Placemats Pinks
Belgium's Father Christmas Sculpture
Trivet Chambered Nautilus
Jennifer Wolken
Ruth Wright
Teal Oval Clay Tray Medium
Aqua Handled Oval Platter 16X12X2"