#5 Wooden Shaker Box With Lid
#5 Shaker Box/Lid Hickory Cherry
#5 Shaker Box/Lid Walnut Bird's-Eye

#5 Wooden Shaker Box With Lid

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As beautiful as it is functional, this lovely handmade wooden box features graceful curves and a smoothly-fitting lid. The swallow-tails are hand-cut and feathered, the bands steamed, curved and married the traditional way with tiny copper tacks; even tinier wooden pegs attach the sides to the oval top and bottom. The outside of box and lid are finished and, as is traditional, the insides remain unfinished. Light, strong and precisely constructed, this box lives up to the legacy standards of Shaker tradition. Wax or oil your box with your choice of wood care product, then polish with a soft cloth.

Each item is handmade, the wood grains and placement will vary from the photos shown above. Please use the photos as a guide to what the wood types may look like, as we do not have photos of each individual type.

Made in the U.S.A., in Vandalia, Missouri.