Checkered Wooden Napkin Holder
Joel & Karma Brokaw

Checkered Wooden Napkin Holder

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This smooth, hand made wooden napkin holder is an example of Joel's signature "checkered" style; quilters will recognize it as a variation of staggered or turned rows of bias-cut strip piecing known as Seminole piecing.

It has been painstakingly constructed from narrow and narrower strips native woods, including walnut, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, elm, and cedar, with the addition of very narrow strips of African padauk &/or South American purpleheart. Then, the striped body is turned at a 45 degree angle and cut into more strips. The strips are alternated in orientation to give a chevron or herringbone effect.

A mortise and tenon join connects the two herringbone sides to the single piece of a complimentary wood base. The joins are strictly perpendicular. Each one is different.

Absolutely no dyes or stains are used: all the colors are natural. In their deceptive simplicity they exhibit the care and skill of fine, handmade crafts. It is a pleasure to store in and to retrieve from it your napkins (handwoven or not). Home décor, if you will, as well as eminently utilitarian, it is lovely to give and to receive.

All the cutting and glueing steps are doubled in comparison to the striped work. Fully cured and dried wood is cut, planed, sanded, glued, clamped, turned, cut into multi-colored strips, sanded, glued again, clamped, planed again, trimmed, sanded smooth and finished with hard-wearing and moisture-resistant conversion varnish. For long-lasting joins, industrial grade wood glue has been utilized. Wipe with a damp cloth if needed.

Made in America, in Kalona, Iowa.