Orange Ada Earrings
Jenny Turner

Orange Ada Earrings

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Dodie and her daughter, Jenny create their jewelry line together in their studio. They enjoy creating with one another, as they can bounce ideas off each other, and they get to spend time together as mother and daughter. Their jewelry designs are funky, bold and lively. Whether you are looking for bursting color, or a simpler sterling accent, they have it!

From the top of the earwire to the bottom of the wire ball is 1.5 inches. The wire ball is 0.75 inches in diameter.

We are happy to carry the work of Dodie and Jenny. Dodie also makes other home accents with the same general wire bending in mind. Her orbanizers have been a huge hit for birthdays, housewarming gifts and many other occasions. Be sure to check out all her designs. Gift wrapping options available.

Handmade in America, in Daisey, Missouri.