Sleeping Polar Bear Clay Flute

Sleeping Polar Bear Clay Flute

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Love of biology, art, craft and acoustics are all exhibited in this mysterious clay flute, a hollow hand-built clay sculpture. Approximate dimensions 3x1.5 inches.

How does it work? Air is blown through the narrow slit of the windway to strike the beveled edge of the "reed" hole, producing sound, then vibrates throughout the inside of the flute. Covering holes lowers the pitch; uncovering them raises it. Because enlarging a hole raises its pitch, each hole must start small and be enlarged until the desired pitch is achieved; each of the seven holes must be cut and tuned one at a time. Fingering chart is included. Made with low-fire redware clay with lead-free glazes. Each is handmade and may vary from the exact photo shown.

Made in America, in St. Louis, Missouri.