Sterling & Bronze Fan Pendant

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This dramatic handmade fan-shaped pendant is wire-brushed bronze-embellished Argentium silver "floating" over a plate of hammered bronze, and can be worn with the point up or down. Shown here in conjunction with hammered bronze or Argentium silver neck wires (also made by this artist and sold separately).

In hand-fabrication of metal for jewelry in the world of handmade crafts, careful choices have to be made to promote durability and reduce tarnishing. In the merging of silver and bronze, bronze wire was heat-fused into an Argentium sterling silver plate, then wire-brushed and cut. It stands over a slightly larger patinated and hammered bronze "shadow" on bronze posts. Sealed with a coating of microcrystalline, acid-free Renaissance wax to help protect the bronze from the environment, although one is advised not to wear it in the water.

Made in America, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.